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NOUR is Arabic and means light! We wanted to use a positively charged word that was short, and easy to remember! Nour is thus the result of a good collaboration between two sisters, Hana and Hanar.

We had a common dream of starting a clothing store in Hønefoss. We have both worked in the industry for many years, but wanted to create an arena where our values ​​could shine through.


The idea came about when the girls tried to rent out an old warehouse and could not find a suitable tenant. They quickly decided to start a shop in the premises themselves, and renovated the whole premises into a fantastically beautiful shop in the center of Hønefoss! Hanar and Hana are educated in civil economics and marketing, and despite the special year, open their doors to Nour on April 16, 2020!

After only being open for 8 months, the girls could enter the new year with a dream come true. Nour has taken the local town by storm, and is being noticed by women across the country. In addition, they have had the opportunity to employ two additional family members, and are now a close-knit team of four.


(THE NOUR TEAM from left: Hana, Martine, Madeleine and Hanar)

We work constantly to deliver the best to our customers, and always have some new ideas in stock. We have one goal in mind, and that is for NOUR to become a physical and digital fashion and interior design house for all style-confident women across the country!

You can contact us by email, phone or social media. Go to the contact page for more information.

- The NOUR Team